Power Transmission Equipment

Our power transmission technology, which combines both mechanical and electronic engineering advancement, has an extensive track record in various applications such as tension control and winding control, helping customers move towards factory automation.

Ringcone Series

Autorator LAC Series

Autorator LAC Series

Automatic control system for remote operation

  • Speed Range
  • ・RX Series 1:100
  • ・NRX Series 1:60
  • ・SC Series 1:4
  • ・O Series 1:15


  • ・Reasonably-priced for automatic control option
  • ・Wide range of speed control
  • ・Compatible with all Ringcone models - RX, NRX, SC, O and FF Series
  • ・High-precision control
  • ・Various output signal functions such as speed monitor, alarm setting etc.
  • ・Simple setup