Power Transmission Equipment

Our power transmission technology, which combines both mechanical and electronic engineering advancement, has an extensive track record in various applications such as tension control and winding control, helping customers move towards factory automation.

Coronet Series

ERK Servo Series

ERK Servo Series

Designed for servomotors

  • ・Reduction Ratio: 1/11-1/71 (multiple stages possible)
  • ・Motor Capacity: 200W to 15kW


  • ・Durable and long-wear
  • ・High single-stage reduction ratio
  • Available in multiple reduction-stages (2-stage, or 3-stage types) and two (2) mounting orientations (horizontal or vertical)
  • ・Backlash-free model (within 0.1°) is available
  • ・Compatible with all types of servo motors from all manufacturers (single-piece order is allowed)
  • ・May be disassembled for easy maintenance