Power Transmission Equipment

Our power transmission technology, which combines both mechanical and electronic engineering advancement, has an extensive track record in various applications such as tension control and winding control, helping customers move towards factory automation.

Able Series (Co-Axial Shaft)

VRB Series

VRB Series

Powerful tool in precision positioning with a backlash of less than 0°03'

  • ・Reduction Ratio: 1/3-1/100
  • ・Backlash: 0.05° (within 3 min)


  • ・Backlash is within 3 min- perfect solution for precision positional control
  • ・No grease leak through the use of high viscosity anti-separation grease
  • ・High efficiency with no need for input section oil seal
  • ・Compatible with all types of servomotors with the use of adaptors
  • ・Grease replacement is not required throughout the product’s lifetime; can be installed at any desired angle without worry of leakage.