Power Transmission Equipment

Our power transmission technology, which combines both mechanical and electronic engineering advancement, has an extensive track record in various applications such as tension control and winding control, helping customers move towards factory automation.

AGV Series



This next-generation AGV runs on guideless navigation and autonomous operation thus eliminating the need for magnetic tape tracks. Route setting is made easy and flexible to quickly adapt to floor layout changes in your factory or warehouse.

  • ・Dimensions: 630 wide x 790 long x 200 high (mm)
  • ・Weight: 65 kg (conveyer attachment excluded)
  • ・Motor Capacity: 200W x 2
  • ・Running Speed: 30 m/min, 60 m/min, maximum


  • ・Autonomous and guideless navigation without the need for magnetic tape tracks
  • ・1000-kg maximum payload
  • ・Compact design- motor and reducer are both installed inside the wheel
  • ・8-hour continuous operation; 1-hour charging time
  • ・Soft start and stop capability
  • ・Controlled remotely from a tablet or PC