Power Transmission Equipment

Our power transmission technology which combines both mechanical and electronic engineering advancement has a proven track record of helping customers move towards the factory automation by supplying them.

AGV Series



Next generation AGV with guide-less operation capabilities No more magnetic tape track installation on the factory floor. Setting the operating route is very simple. Quickly adapts to floor layout change and your factory/warehouse efficiency can be maximized.

  • ・Body size: 630 wide x 790 long x 200 tall (mm)
  • ・Body weight: 65kg (conveyer attachment excluded)
  • ・Motor capacity: 200Wx2
  • ・Running speed: 30m/min, 60m/min max.


  • ・Autonomous guide-less operating without magnetic tape track
  • ・Payload: 100kg max.
  • ・Motor and reducer inside the wheel (compact drive section)
  • ・8 Hours Continuous Operation (1 Hour charging)
  • ・Soft stop, soft start capabilities
  • ・Remote controllable from tablet PC