Power Transmission Equipment

Our power transmission technology which combines both mechanical and electronic engineering advancement has a proven track record of helping customers move towards the factory automation by supplying them.

AGV Series

AGV Pack・SU049 series

AGV Pack・SU049 series

Since a pair of magnetic sensors can be attached directly on to the controller, magnetic tape tracking maneuver is done easily. Slow speed operation and positional management are possible with the adoption of servomotor.

  • ・Drive power : DC48V
  • ・Control power : DC24V
  • ・Motor capacity : 400W
  • ・Speed : max. 67.3m/min.


  • ・2-Drives, 1-Control
  • ・High load capacity (300kgf/800kgf)
  • ・"Reducer-in-the-wheel" system (compact size)
  • ・Straight-line and turning maneuver without guides
  • ・Magnetic tape automatic tracking self-operation, forward and reverse
  • ・Destination branching and selecting by signal input