Power Transmission Equipment

Our power transmission technology which combines both mechanical and electronic engineering advancement has a proven track record of helping customers move towards the factory automation by supplying them.

AGV Series

AGV Unit・SU037 series

AGV Unit・SU037 series

Driving unit exclusively for Nidec-Shimpo's AGV, using our original drive technology. Offered as a unit that consists of the drive and the controller. Superior design flexibility and low cost.

  • ・Drive power : DC24V
  • ・Control power : DC24V
  • ・Motor capacity : 200W/400W
  • ・Speed : max. 67.3m/min.


  • ・2-Drives, 1-Control
  • ・High load capacity (300kgf/800kgf)
  • ・"Reducer-in-the-wheel" system (compact size)
  • ・High efficiency and durability with brushless motor
  • ・Maneuverable by left-right speed differentials