Power Transmission Equipment

Our power transmission technology which combines both mechanical and electronic engineering advancement has a proven track record of helping customers move towards the factory automation by supplying them.

AGV Series

  • S-CART

    Next generation AGV with guide-less operation capabilities No more magnetic tape track installation on the factory floor. Setting the operating route is very simple. Quickly adapts to floor layout change and your factory/warehouse efficiency can be maximized.

  • AGV Pack・SU049 series
    AGV Pack・SU049 series

    Since a pair of magnetic sensors can be attached directly on to the controller, magnetic tape tracking maneuver is done easily. Slow speed operation and positional management are possible with the adoption of servomotor.

  • AGV Unit・SU037 series
    AGV Unit・SU037 series

    Driving unit exclusively for Nidec-Shimpo's AGV, using our original drive technology. Offered as a unit that consists of the drive and the controller. Superior design flexibility and low cost.