Power Transmission Equipment

Our power transmission technology which combines both mechanical and electronic engineering advancement has a proven track record of helping customers move towards the factory automation by supplying them.

Reducer for Precision Control

CORONEX Reducers ER-P series

CORONEX Reducers ER-P series

Achieved small size, high accuracy, high torque capacity, and high load capacity by increasing the number of gear teeth that are engaged at any given time, compared to current reducers.

  • ・Size:025P,042P,080P,130P

  • ・Reduction ratio : 1/59、1/89、1/119
  • ・Torque:245~1274Nm


  • In comparison with current reducer (ER)・・・

  • ・High precision, high torque, high rigidity, high load capacity, high efficiency
  • ・Low noise, compact size.
  • ・Hollow input shaft adaptable