Press Machine

We have three press machine brands, SH Servo, Minster, and Kyori, and we can support a wide range of precision high speed press machine requirements,small to very large scale.

Kyori Presses

GX series High Speed Precision Feeders

GX series High Speed Precision Feeders

GX series feeders are built for feeding ultra-precision parts, including IC lead frames, connectors, and electronics components. Loaded with various innovative design ideas that enable the accurate and gentle feeding of delicate high-precision workpieces, fabricated parts and plated parts.

  • ・Feeding length : 20mm~120mm


  • ・Feeding length setting : Digitally displayed in 0.01mm increment and adjusted manually with a handle (motorized control optional). Fine adjustment possible during the feeding process.
  • ・Operability : Wide opening at the gripper section front face and the product insertion is easy. Adjustment for material thickness change is easy with dial display.
  • ・Feeding system : Product passes over the top of the feeder, and no contamination by oily substance such as feeder lubricant.
  • ・Handling system : Gripper is designed for handling delicate material such as thin plate for lead frame and plated part. It grips vertically evenly and gently. Optimum feeding condition for secondary processing of the parts too.
  • ・Easy parts replacement : Gripper parts can be replaced according to the product shape and size.