Press Machine

We have three press machine brands, SH Servo, Minster, and Kyori, and we can support a wide range of precision high speed press machine requirements,small to very large scale.

Kyori Presses

MD Series Small Size Precision Dieing Presses

MD Series Small Size Precision Dieing Presses

Compact and space-saving dieing presses with speeds up to 300 spm and die space of 400 mm. Convenient to operate with stroke length adjustable to two levels. Applicable for automated forming of small precision products and for in-line use. Adopts under-drive mechanism.

  • ・Popular 100kN


  • ・Despite its small size comparable to desk-top press, it has a large flywheel and max. 300spm, 400mm die space and max. 300spm.
  • ・A variable stroke press with 2 stroke lengths (20mm and 30mm)
  • ・All rotating and sliding parts employ roller bearings for energy savings. Oil feeding is the forced lubrication method by circulating oil supply unit.
  • ・A liquid crystal touch panel displays press speed, crank angle, counter, etc. and easy operation.
  • ・Limiter switch at the safety door for safe operation.
  • ・Air feeder and NC roll feeder are mountable. Also usable as an in-line press in the assembly line.