Press Machine

We have three press machine brands, SH Servo, Minster, and Kyori, and we can support a wide range of precision high speed press machine requirements,small to very large scale.

Kyori Press

General Purpose High Performance Press MateⅡseries

General Purpose High Performance Press  MateⅡseries

Mate series presses have revolutionized the conventional general purpose presses in their superior performance, loaded standard equipment, and excellent user interface, made possible through the long track record in the precision high speed press field.

  • ・Available 300kN, 400kN models


  • ・High productivity with max. 1100 spm.
  • ・Generous standard equipment. Fully loaded with feeder, vibration absorbing device, oil heater/cooler, etc.
  • ・Small BDC fluctuation due to heating, because of superior thermal balance design.
  • ・Die height adjustment is easy due to the minimal BDC change associated with speed change.
  • ・VARICAM with unique top-dead-point stop position learning capability. No top-dead-point adjustment needed even with speed change.