Press Machine

We have three press machine brands, SH Servo, Minster, and Kyori, and we can support a wide range of precision high speed press machine requirements,small to very large scale.

Kyori Press

High Speed Precision Automatic Press FENIX series

High Speed Precision Automatic Press  FENIX series

A higher ranked model of ANEX series, which is a knuckle link press with many years' success. Even higher precision and speed (1500spm) achieved.

  • ・Available 300kN~800kN


  • ・Even higher speed compared to ANEX model. Dramatic improvement in productivity made possible.
  • ・Symmetrical knuckle mechanism allows minimum thermal displacement and BDC height fluctuation, making it suitable for high speed precision stamping.
  • ・Symmetrical knuckle link mechanism allows longer dwelling time near the BDC compared to simple crank mechanism, giving better product quality.