Press Machine

We have three press machine brands, SH Servo, Minster, and Kyori, and we can support a wide range of precision high speed press machine requirements,small to very large scale.

Servo Presses

Type-D Servo Press Single Crank SF-SD1 series


Planetary reducers used for the press machine for the first time in the industry. High torque output even with a small motor, attributed to the high reduction ratio, high efficiency properties of the planetary reducer. One-piece cast frame for high rigidity. High precision with 6 side gib guide. Pitless structure. Synchronized control available.

  • ・Available 1,500kN~3,000kN


  • ・Superior accuracy and rigidity of monolithic frame structure.
  • ・Long slide. High precision 6-side gib guide. Pitless structure.
  • ・Easy to operate touch panel. 100 standard settings for punch height.
  • ・High torque output from small motor by planetary gear reducers.
  • ・Synchronized with peripheral digital equipment.
  • ・Slide adjustment and memory function by servomotor.