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A completely new invention of the power transmission, first ever in the World, features
・Rugged, Maintenance Free construction,
・Large Starting Torque-Constant horse power characteristics,
・Wide speed ranges from 0 upto 1000 rpm variably.,
・High accuracy Automatic Control system with built-in Magnetic sensor & gear, and
・Durability against Reversing Load.

Operating Principles

Within this compound planetary traction drive, cones are supported by an input disc, ring,and cam disc. Each cone is supported effectively by three traction components. At each contacting point a1, a2, a3 shown in fig. Contact pressure increases or decreases by automatic pressure control cam as the output torque requirement changes. This provides additional torque multiplication through Shimpo RX traction drive, and gives no slippage, nor wear on the contact point.

Model Number

With speed reducer Automatic control
1 2 3 4   5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12 13
RX M V R - 200 B - N 47 B - TL - 2 A X

1.Model name RX: Constant horsepower type
NRX: Constant horsepower torque type
2.Input MOTER M (RXM, NRXM): Direct motor installed
MK (RXMK, NRXMK): Coupling with flanged motor
K (RXK): Coupling type/Motor flange type
No number (RX): Separate type (double shafts type)
3.Mounting method and output shaft direction No number: Horizontal type with base (Horizontal shaft)
Y: Vertical type with base (Shaft down)
Z: Handstand type with base (Shaft up)
X: Horizontal type with flange (Horizontal shaft)
V: Vertical type with flange (Shaft down)
I: Handstand type with flange (Shaft up)
*Mounting direction is free for 40,60 & 90W type.
4.Speed change operation system No number: Handle system
R: Automatic control system
L: Lever operating system
5.Type No. Indicating motor capacity in wattage.
6.Version No.  
7.8.9.With speed reducer Planetary speed reducer
[G]Planetary gear reducer
[3]Reduction ratio
EX Reducer & CORONET Speed Reducer
[N](G)(E)with EX Reducer & CORONET Speed Reducer
[47]Reduction ratio
[B]Speed Reducer Frame no.
Worm Gear speed reducer
[W]with worm gear speed reducer
[10]Reduction ratio
10.Specification for speed reducer No number: Standard type
TL:With torque limiter
FS:Straight shaft for agitator
SFT:Taper shaft for agitator
11.Pilot motor voltage 1: 100-V single phase
2: 200-V single phase
3: 115-V single phase
4: 230-V single phase
12.Speed detecting system A: Magnetic sensor
C: Potentiometer
D: Rotary pulse generator
13.Pilot motor types No number: Standard type
F: Hi-precision type (non-explosion proof)
X: Explosion proof type
Y: Safety increase type