We have won the Top Manufacturing Parts Award!

Our product, the "Super Flat Actuator" won the Grand Prize in the Top Manufacturing Parts Awards presented during the Japan Manufacturing Conference 2017 and sponsored by the Daily Industrial News. Details as follows:


(1)About the "Top Manufacturing Parts Award"

•Name: Top Manufacturing Parts Awards Grand Prize

•Organizer: Japan Manufacturing Conference, The Daily Industrial News / Supported by: Ministry of Trade and Industry, The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

•Summary: To support the improvement of manufacturing competitiveness in Japan, the "Top Manufacturing Parts Awards" is presented to members and organizations in the manufacturing industry in recognition of their significant contribution to the development of society.

Japanese only


(2)Grand Prize Winner of the Top Manufacturing Parts Award

•Product Name: Super Flat Actuator

•Development Background: The decline in the working population due to an aging society and an increase in the caregiver population pose a social problem. As a result, there is an expected increase in the demand on assistants and electric wheelchairs for long-term elderly care and support.

•Features: FLEXWAVE, a speed reducer characterized by its compact and flat design, is the world's thinnest drive unit

•Application: It is especially used on the joints of an assist suit- providing a thin, light and compact unit which greatly improves the assist suit's overall fitness. In an electric wheelchair or the like, it can be housed inside the wheel making it compact both when used and stored.

•Performance: Motor Capacity 90W ~ 200W, Input Voltage 24V, Reduction Ration 50 ~ 120W can be combined.


① This product is compliant to the hazardous substances standards set by RoHS and REACH

② Patented in July 5, 2016