Initiatives for quality enhancement

Striving to Improve Quality on the Basis of Company-Wide Management

With the ever accelerating progress in the manufacturing industry, extensive quality control is expected from every manufacturer. While the certification of ISO 9000 series is becoming common nowadays, Nidec-Shimpo was a pioneer in applying the concept of TQC (Total Quality Control) throughout the company and implementing thorough quality control activities. In 1969, we were awarded the Deming Application Prize for Small and Medium Enterprise.

Since then, based on the principle of "Never cause quality issues for customers," not only the production department, but also other departments, including the research and design, sales, and administration departments, have their own quality control systems based on statistical methods. Through the steady implementation of the Deming Circle (Plan, Do, Check, Action) and continued efforts to tackle day-to-day challenges in terms of costs, service, and speed, we strive to improve the quality of our products, company, and employees, so that we can make products that satisfy our customers.


"Quality of the Products," "Quality of the Company," and "Quality of the Employees." We at Nidec-Shimpo believe that the word "quality" should be associated not only with the products, but also with the company itself and the employees working there, and this concept is the foundation of our multi-faceted quality improvement activities.

Quality Assurance System Diagram

Quality assurance system diagram

PDCA Deming Circle

P.D.C.A. Deming Circle

The Deming Prize is a very prestigious award given to businesses that have successfully implemented superior quality control. It was established in 1951 by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers in honor of Dr. William Edwards Deming, who contributed greatly to Japan's proliferation of statistical quality control.

Quality Policy

  1. Always act from the customer's viewpoint, and provide products and services of quality that satisfy customers' needs.
  2. Utilize the quality management system effectively and promote the continuous improvement.

Updated 5/1/2002