Initiatives to be environmentally conscious

We want to preserve, because...

Recently, global environment is increasingly threatened and the environmental issues are getting more attention world wide. With that background, taking the initiatives in the environmental issues from the global standpoint is becoming the mainstream movement, including the Kyoto Protocol for global warming prevention enacted in February, 2005. Now, the initiative is not limited to government, national or local, and spreading among private corporations. One example of the initiatives taken by corporations is the environmental preservation activities such as the certification of ISO14001.

Corresponding to higher interest in the environmental issues in the industry, NIDEC-SHIMPO received the ISO14001 certification, and we publish tangible "Environmental Concept" and "Environmental Policy "and making daily effort towards building environmentally friendly products and participating in various preservation activities.

We aim our business activities to be friendly to humans and to the planet, and we hope to play a small role toward building a society that thrives in harmony with the nature into the future.

Your continued support and loyal patronage to our company would be highly appreciated.

Policy on Environmental Issues

We recognize that the perpetual preservation of the global environment is an issue of common concern for all humanity and we thereby commit ourselves as our social responsibilities to reduce the environmental burden through environmentally conscious business activities.
We, NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION, aim to operate our daily business activities with the conscience to minimize our burden on environment, according to our "Environmental Concept". The following is a list of the policies for achieving the "Environmental Concept".
  1. During the execution of our core businesses, which are the design, development and manufacturing of variable speed drives, speed reducers, electric measuring instruments, arts and crafts equipment, press machines, and other industrial equipment, we advocate the concept of "Energy saving", "Reduction of waste, Promotion of recycling", "Reduction of toxic chemical material usage" by developing environmentally conscious products that help reduce environmental burden and global warming emissions, and target the efficient utilization of the natural resource.
  2. In order to achieve our environmental policy, we stay conscious of environmental aspect of our activities and products, perform pollution prevention events of which the purpose is to monitor and improve our performance, and promote continuous improvement.
  3. We adhere to the environment-related laws and regulations as well as other requirement that our company has adopted.
  4. In the application of the environmental management system, we establish clear purpose and target and the system is to be reviewed periodically based on the performance against the target.
  5. In the application of the environmental management system, its requirement is to be recorded in manuals, regulations, procedures, etc. ,and then executed and maintained. Environmental policy is to be disseminated among all employees of our company and all related organizations, and ensure the execution.
  6. This environmental policy is disclosed fully upon request.

Updated 4/1/2013
President T.Nishimoto