Initiatives to be environmentally conscious

Aiming to Be a Company Friendly to Both People and the Environment

We want to preserve, because...

Recently, the global environment is increasingly threatened and environmental issues are getting more attention worldwide. Against that background, environmental efforts from the global standpoint have come to constitute a mainstream movement, including the Kyoto Protocol for global warming prevention that entered into force in February, 2005. Now, such efforts are made not only by national and local governments, but also by private corporations. One example of the initiatives taken by corporations is environmental preservation activities, including acquisition of ISO14001 certification.

In response to the growing interest in environmental issues in the industry, Nidec-Shimpo received ISO14001 certification, and published our own Environmental Concept and Environmental Policy. In line with these, we strive to develop environmentally friendly products while participating in various environmental preservation activities.

In pursuit of business activities that are friendly to both people and the environment, we hope to contribute to the establishment of a society that thrives in harmony with nature into the future.

Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.

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Policy on Environmental Issues

Environmental Concept
We recognize that the perpetual preservation of the global environment is an important issue of common concern for all humanity, and we thereby commit ourselves to our social responsibilities to reduce our environmental burden through environmentally conscious business activities.
Environmental Policy
We at Nidec-Shimpo Corporation shall act in accordance with our Environmental Concept so that the environmental impact caused by our business activities will be minimized. To this end, we hereby declare our Policy to achieve the Environmental Concept, as follows:
  1. During the execution of our core businesses, which are the design, development and manufacturing of stepless variable speed drives, speed reducers, measuring instruments, control equipment, arts and crafts equipment, press machines, and other industrial equipment, we shall promote the reduction of energy consumption, the reduction and recycling of waste, and the reduction of the use of toxic chemical substances, as well as developing environmentally conscious products that help reduce environmental burden and global warming emissions, with the effective utilization of resources in mind.
  2. In order to achieve our environmental policy, we shall stay conscious of the environmental aspects of our business activities and products, adequately implement environmental pollution prevention activities to maintain and improve our environmental performance, and promote continuous improvement.
  3. We shall adhere to environment-related laws and regulations, as well as other requirements to which we have agreed.
  4. In the application of the environmental management system, we shall establish an environmental objective and target, and shall review the system periodically for adequacy based on the actual status.
  5. In the application of the environmental management system, we shall document the requirements therefor in manuals, regulations, procedures, etc., then put the requirements into practice and maintain the documents. We shall familiarize all our employees and all people working on behalf of our company with the Environmental Policy, and shall ensure its carrying out.
  6. We will disclose this Environmental Policy upon request from an external party.

Updated 4/1/2013
Tatsuya Nishimoto, President
Nidec-Shimpo Corporation