Company Information

The aim of NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION is to contribute to the development of our society and welfare of the general public all over the world by supplying them with the highest quality products in our sincere and enthusiastic dedication to the trinity of technology.


  Ringcone variable speed drive RC type was released.
1955 in MAY Sales office in Tokyo was opened.
1957 in FEB Sales office in Nagoya was opened.
1958 in NOV Potter's wheel RK-1 was released.
1959 in MAY Received Japan Invention Award.
1960 in JAN Assigned as model factory of midsized company in Kyoto
In JUN Ringcone variable speed drive SC type was released.
In JUL Constructed factory in Kuze and moved.
In NOV Received Scientific Technology Administrator Award.
1961 in FEB Sales office in Hiroshima was opened.
1962 in MAY Received Japan Invention Award.
In JUL Sales office in Osaka was opened.
1963 in MAY Sales office in Fukuoka was opened.
1964 in APR Ringcone variable speed drive OM type was released.
In MAY Received Japan Invention Award.
1965 in APR Received Japan Mechanical Society Award.
1969 in MAY Electronic automatic control equipment (for Variable Speed Drive), Autolater was released.
In NOV Received Deming Prize for company quality control (TQC)
1972 in JAN Wood working wheel was released.
1973 in APR Office in Kanazawa was opened.
1974 in JUL NIDEC-SHIMPO AMERICA CORPORATION was established in Chicago.
In AUG Handheld Digital Tachometer DT-101(contact type) was released.
1975 in SEP Coronet Speed Reucer ER type was released.
1977 in APR Received Japan Mechanical Society Award.
1978 in FEB Received Innovation award.
1981 in JUN Ringcone variable speed drive RX type was released.
1982 in FEB Received Innovation Achievement Award.
1983 in NOV Received Scientific Technology Administrator Recommendation Award.
1984 in FEB Received achievement prize of Japan Innovation Advancing Society.
In APR Received technology prize of Japan Mechanical Society Award.
In MAY Handheld Digital Tension Meter  DTM series was released.
1986 in JAN Micromini RX automatic speed drive ARX type was released.
In JUL RX variable speed unit was released.
1987 in FEB Digital Force Gauge DFG series was released.
In OCT Lotary Index Table NIX-90〜750 type was released.
1988 in MAR Potter's wheel  RK-2P Pro was released.
In APR Chosed as focused innovation of Scientific Technology Agency.
1989 in MAR Digital Tachometer (panel type) DT-5TP、5TG series were released.
1991 in DEC Stroboscope DT-311 series was released.
1992 in FEB RX desktop manual capper was released.
1993 in MAY Semiautomatic desktop capper was released.
In OCT Potter's wheel RK-88 was released.
1994 in APR Speed reducer for Servo Motor, Able speed reducer (VR series) was released.
In JUL Opening torque automatic measure equipment MTP-40 was released.
In OCT Compact Electric wheel RK-66 was released.
1995 in FEB Increase capital of third parties (Undertaken by NIDEC CORPORATION)
In MAY Digital Force Gauge FGX、FGN、FGC series were released.
1996 in JAN Digital Torque Meter ED-2000 series were released.
In MAR Coslidated Daisan Industrial Corporation.
  Hi-class potter's wheel RK-4F was released.
In JUL Multiaxis positioning controller PI-8 was released.
In AUG Issued yen-donominated convertible bonds(JPY 4,500,000,000)
1997 in MAR Purchased Lead Electronics Corporation.
In MAY Achieved ISO9001(JQA-1739)
In OCT Corporate name was changed to NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION.
1998 in MAY Digital Tachometer DT-5TX series was released.
1999 in FEB Side-door oil kiln KTW-02 was released.
In MAY New company building was constructed and central office was moved.
In JUL Able Speed Reducer RG series was released.
2000 in MAR Glaze spray booth BK-1was released.
  Motion Control Board CP-CPI8 was released.
2001 in APR Motion Control Board correspodent to ISA bus PI-ISA8X、4X was released.
2002 in FEB Handheld Tachometer  EE-1B/2B was released.
In AUG Servo-type Auto driver and desktop semiautomatic capper were released.
In OCT Potter's wheel RK-3D was released in overseas.
2003 in MAR Achieved ISO14001(JQA-EM3070)
In JUN New Able Speed Reducer adopting helical gear was released.
In NOV NIDEC-SHIMPO (ZHEJIANG) Corporation was established.
2004 in APR NIDEC-SHIMPO (ZHEJIANG) Corporation
New factory was established.
  Pugmill NRA-04/04S was released.
Sales office in Morisawa and showroom in Jingdezhen was opened.
2005 in MAR Sales office in Osaka and service center in Osaka were moved to central office (in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto) and renamed to Kansai Branch.
In JUL Ceramic paint in microcapsule "Ceramic Beads" was released.
2006 in JAN Released compact desktop test stand.
  Compact Electric Kiln (side door) with controller, DFA series was released.
In FEB Digital Force Gauge, FGP series was released.
In MAR De-Airing Pugmill, NVA-04S was released.
In MAY Compact desktop test stand FGS-TV series was released.
In JUN Compact Electric Kiln with controller Petit was released.