Company Information

The aim of NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION is to contribute to the development of our society and welfare of the general public all over the world by supplying them with the highest quality products in our sincere and enthusiastic dedication to the trinity of technology.


April, 1952 Shimpo Industrial Corporation was established.
November, 1960 Listed on the stock market (second section of Osaka Stock Exchange).
July, 1974 Nidec-Shimpo America Corporation was established in Chicago.
February, 1995 Increased third-party capital (Undertaken by Nidec Corporation).
March, 1996 Merged with Daisan Industrial Corporation.
May, 1997 Achieved ISO9001 (JQA-1739) certification.
October, 1998 Corporate name changed to Nidec-Shimpo Corporation.
May Headquarters moved to new building completed in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto.
March, 2003 Achieved ISO14001 (JQA-EM3070) certification.
June Nidec-Shimpo (Shanghai) International Corporation was established.
October Wholly owned by Nidec Corporation.
November Nidec-Shimpo (Zhejiang) Corporation was established.
April, 2004 New Nidec-Shimpo (Zhejiang) Corporation factory was established.
February, 2011 Nidec-Shimpo (Taiwan) Corporation was established.
  Nidec-Shimpo India Sales and Trading Private Limited was established.
June Nidec-Shimpo Do Brasil Participações Ltda was established.
April, 2012 Absorption merger with Nidec-Kyori Corporation.
  Acquired Minster Machine Company (Ohio, USA; now Nidec Minster Corporation).
August, 2015 Acquired Arisa (Spain; now Nidec Arisa)
March, 2017 Acquired VAMCO International, Inc. (Pittsburgh, USA; now Nidec VAMCO)
April, 2018 New manufacturing plant in Ueda, Nagano was established.
August, 2018 Acquired MS-Graessner GmbH & Co. KG and its group companies (Germany; now Nidec Graessner)
January, 2019 New manufacturing plant in Subic, Philippines was established.
February, 2019 Acquired Systeme + Steuerungen GmbH & its group companies (Germany)
March, 2019 DESCH Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)






Major Awards

April, 1959 Received National Invention Award.
October, 1960 Received Science and Technology Agency Director-General's Award.
April, 1962 Received National Invention Award.
April, 1964 Received Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal.
May, 1964 Received National Invention Award.
October, 1969 Received Deming Prize for total quality control (TQC)
April, 1976 Received Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal.
February, 1978 Received Invention Award.
February, 1982 Received Invention Achievement Award.
February, 1983 Received achievement prize of the Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions.
April, 1983 Received Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal for New Technology.
November, 1983 Received Science and Technology Agency Director-General's Incentive Award.
April, 1988 Selected as a Notable Invention by the Science and Technology Agency.
October, 2015 Received the Encouragement Prize for Invention for 2015 Kinki Local Commendations for Inventions [Traction drive]
July, 2017 Received the Japanese Robot Association Award for 47th Machine Industry Design Awards[S-CART]
October, 2017 Received the Grand Prize for the Top Manufacturing Parts Award
[FLEXWAVE Super Flat Actuator]
January, 2018 Received Nikkei Business Daily Awards for Excellence for 2017 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards [S-CART Automatic Transport Robot Series]
September, 2018 Received the Encouragement Prize for Invention for 2018 Kinki Local Commendations for Inventions [Electric potter's wheel]
October, 2018 Received the MF encouragement prize for Metal Forming Technical Grand Prize










Product History

1952 Ringcone variable speed drive RC type was released.
1958 Potter's wheel RK-1 was released.
1960 Ringcone variable speed drive SC type was released.
  Automatic press machine was released.
1973 Potter's kiln was released.
1974 Handheld Digital Tachometer DT-101 (contact type) was released.
1975 Coronet Speed Reducer ER type was released.
1978 Panel mount tachometer DT type was released.
1980 Digital stroboscope was released.
  High-precision knuckle-link press BEAT was released.
1981 Ringcone variable speed drive RX type was released.
  FIN press for air conditioners was released.
  Dieing press was released.
1984 Handheld Digital Tension Meter DTM series was released.
1987 Digital Force Gauge DFG series was released.
1988 Digital uncapping torque meter TNK type was released.
  High-speed automatic press PDA-F was released.
1991 Traction reducer ZR type was released.
1994 Speed reducer for servo motors, Able speed reducer VR series was released.
  High-speed knuckle-link press ANEX was released.
2007 Digital torque meter TNP type was released.
  AGV drive unit was released.
2011 High-precision crank press SS was released.
  World's fastest link press SX was released.
  Large crank press TVX was released.
2015 Strain wave gear reducer FLEXWAVE was released.
  Servo press SH series was released.
  ER-P type reducer for robotics was released.
2016 S-CART autonomous AGV was released.