Company Information

The aim of NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION is to contribute to the development of our society and welfare of the general public all over the world by supplying them with the highest quality products in our sincere and enthusiastic dedication to the trinity of technology.

Message from President

NIDEC‐SHIMPO CORPORATION was founded in Kyoto in April, 1952. Since then, we have always been making every possible effort to improve our manufacturing skill and technology as well as in development of new products. By this, we have established the position of the top share sales in the market of Variable Speed Drives. We are very proud of this position, by which we believe that we have contributed to the growth of various fields of industries in terms of rationalization of and value-adding to various industrial equipments.

Especially, in the field of Variable Speed Drives engineering, we, NIDEC-SHIMPO has established and maintained the highest level of skill and technology at world wide level, which is proven by the fact that we are holder of various industrial awards such as Japanese Machinery Society Award and others which are awarded to any valuable inventions in industrial field.

On top of the drive technology of our Speed Reducer for servo motor which is highly evaluated in the market, we are corresponding to growing needs from variety of customers with wide range of techniques including of Electric Measuring Instruments and Electric Control System & Equipments.

Aiming for contribution to people and society, we are working on everything at full power with our concept "Dynamic SHIMPO to grow" to be able to provide the highest level of service to wide variety of customers to their full satisfaction.Your continued support and loyal patronage to our company would be highly appreciated. Thank you.